Ketley Paddock Mound way-marker 4 Page under construction

We call this area "The Glade" – a quiet, secluded and sunny area, sometimes used as a Forest Schools site by The Meadows Primary School, who helped us to plant the willow screen. Next winter we hope to weave the willow into tunnel shapes entering the site.  We hope the screen helps to keep dogs from fouling the area. We expect the tree trunks to provide climbing challenges for children !

The tree covered banks at the back of the glade provide a great habitat for nesting birds.

At the lower end of the glade, steep steps lead up to the meadow and views at the top of the mound.  From the other end of the glade you can walk up to the top Shepherds Lane entrance and reach the mound top by turning left and following the narrow path

There are maps of the site at each entrance.

We'll be adding photos and further information to the way-marker pages in due course. These will be accessible from links in the website or if you're on Paddock Mound try scanning the QR codes on the posts with your smart phone