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July 2016  Tree creeper seen at western end of plantation mound
17/04/2016 Wren (members of working party)
13/04/2016 Tits nesting in tree boxes reported by WS and Chris Hardy
13/04/2016 Blackcap, bulbylius major bee fly, comma butterfly (Martin George)
31/03/2016 Tortoiseshell butterfly in glade; long-tailed tit by canal (FT)
29/02/2016  Wren on southern canal bank (FT)
28/02/2016 NINE mallards !! 5 males and two females on canal and a pair on Lost Pool (CT)
12/02/2016 Great spotted woodpecker - southern edge of Plantation Mound (FT)
21/01/2016 buzzard sighting by Mike Weaver see his photo here
01/01/2016 single jay in the glade and buzzard on mound top (FT)
16/12/2015 sighting of kingfisher on the canal by Mike Weaver see his photo here

Recent sightings - chaffinch, nuthatch, coal tits, jays (WS)
Sighting of a group of 4 jays in the glade about 6 weeks ago (FT)

Here are notes made over 18 months by FoKPM's hard-working secretary, Wendy Stubbs:

Shropshire Wildlife Trust did two surveys in 2013 on 15th June and 30th August. Note that these surveys were carried out when the paddock was under threat of development.

Martin Noble did a Small Mammal survey on 27/06/14.  4 wood mice, 1 vole, (no hedgehogs were found on site but three were found in adjacent gardens).
Martin Noble carried out another Small Mammal survey 22nd to 23th May 2015. 2 male wood mice were found on this occasion

Martin Noble also carried out an Amphibian survey over 17th and 18th June 2015 which found 3 smooth newts, 1 male and 1 female were identified. Numerous beetles and many sticklebacks were seen. Also a toad close to the canal.

Martin Noble carried out an eDNA test for Great Crested Newts on 23/05/15 in the lost pool and the canal but the results were negative. A further test may be carried out on the round pool in due course.

The list below is of species observed on the mound by the Friends of Ketley Paddock Mound and other members of the general public. This list was started in the summer of 2014.

Lizard: Summer 2014: (Fen Tyler)
Dead adder - on Shepherds Lane in 2014 bordering the Paddock.
Dead badger - on Holyhead Road February 2015 bordering the paddock.
Two coots leaving the canal: 2014: (Wendy Stubbs)
Kingfisher: numerous sightings November 2014 - November 2015: Blue tits, blackbird, dunnock, robin, fieldfare, great tits, redwing, bullfinches, goldfinches, wasps, red admiral (All reported by Mike Weaver)
Nuthatch and chaffinch: November 2014: (Penny Wysome and Wendy Stubbs)
Red Ants: March 2015: (MW)
Common Toad: April 2015: (WS)
Heron 2015: (Wendy Stubbs and many others !)
Chiffchaff: June 2015: (MW)
Blue Damsel Fly: June: 2015 (MW)
Black Slug:June 15: (MW)
Blackbird:June 15: (MW)
Heron: 25/06/15: (Jenny Jackson)
Common Lizard: 25/06/15: (JJ)
Crane fly: 06/15: (JJ)
Mallard family: summer 15: (Maggie Evans)
Toadlets: 07/15: (Kate Turner)
Spiders various: 07/15: (MW)
Buzzards: Frequent sightings throughout the year: (WS)
Forest shield bugs: 10/15: (MW)
Mallards throughout the summer 2015: (WS)
On 12/10/15 Fen Tyler reported hearing Tawny Owls
Heron: 9/11/15 (MW)
Kingfisher: 9/11/15 (MW)
Garden cross spider: 10/15: (MW)
Buzzards, Bullfinches, Blackbirds, Long tailed tits, Blue tits Numerous sightings reported

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