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Friends of Ketley Paddock Mound (FoKPM) was founded in June 2012.

A copy of the constitution is held by the Secretary.

The objectives of the Group are as follows:

To ensure that the Paddock Mound site is properly managed and maintained
To make the site a place to be enjoyed by people of all ages and to be safely accessible
To educate all on the extent of wildlife, flora and fauna to be found on the site and to ensure its protection
To enhance the site using volunteer work-parties
To form links and work cooperatively with the local authority, businesses, community groups, charities, schools and other appropriate organisations such as the Telford Green Spaces Partnership
To organise fund-raising events as and when necessary to fund these objectives
To resist attempts to allow housing development on any part of the site

Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The last AGM was held on 11th July 2017 and the officers elected were:

Chair:              Maggie Evans    
Vice chair:      Liz Young           
Secretary:       Wendy Stubbs   
Treasurer:       June Lamsdell           
P.R. Officer:     Fen Tyler

Friends of Ketley Paddock Mound has a Facebook page with more than 400 members:  FoKPM   

Friends of Ketley Paddock Mound (FoKPM) was formally constituted in June 2012. At the outset its objective was to oppose proposed housing development on the pasture adjacent to Shepherds Lane. When the planning application was withdrawn FoKPM continued its existence as a ‘champion’ of the site. We have bi-monthly meetings at Ketley Community Centre and an ‘open’ policy whereby anyone can attend and raise issues. Here are the contact details for our officers:

Chair: Maggie Evans              617029    evansmaggot@blueyonder.co.uk
Vice-chair: Liz Young             614380    liz.young@mail2web.com   
Secretary: Wendy Stubbs      618692    wjstubbs@virginmedia.com    
Treasurer: June Lamsdell      406292
PR Officer: Fen Tyler              617768     fentyler@blueyonder.co.uk

Telford & Wrekin Council owns many green spaces and most have a Friends’group such as ours. FoKPM representatives attend the regular meetings of the Telford Green Spaces Partnership where matters of common interest are discussed.

Green spaces have various designations. Ketley Paddock Mound is now a Local Wildlife Site and looks forward to receiving Local Nature Reserve status in due course (approved by Telford and Wrekin cabinet on 21/07/2016). This will give the site the highest possible level of protection.
Issues of site management and maintenance are discussed at regular tripartite meetings with officers of Telford & Wrekin Council, members of Ketley Parish Council and FoKPM.  A management plan has been adopted which defines the requirements for proper maintenance of the site. Close contact is maintained with the Meadows School regarding the on-site Forest School.

FoKPM regularly puts forward its ideas for site management and enhancement but these are always subject to the approval and support of the other parties. Our twice-monthly working parties focus on routine maintenance – cutting back, litter picking etc. We are required to publish risk assessments and do not use power tools. If we identify more serious requirements such as tree felling, this is raised with the partners.

In 2015-2016 Ketley Parish Council received a £36,000 grant from the TWC Community Pride Fund to be used for enhancing the site entrances, footpaths and steps and the provision of appropriate signage for visitors. FoKPM played a full part in discussions regarding the detail of the contract (awarded to a Ketley-based company) and assisted in the project management.

In 2015 FoKPM also secured a grant from Veolia Ltd to repair and strengthen the badly damaged wrought iron gate at the main Shepherds Lane entrance. This contract was awarded to local metalsmith, Adrian Reynolds.

In 2017 FoKPM secured another Veolia grant to provide a dipping platform for the Round Pool. This will now be located at the eastern end of the canal in early 2018.

We are currently in discussions with a major local company regarding a scheme to enhance the area between the canal and the former tunnel entrance.

Keeping in touch with local residents is achieved in a number of ways. We provide Ketley Parish Council with full details of our activities, which are then published in the bi-monthly Parish Newsletter. Our Facebook page carries a very large number of postings relating to Paddock Mound and other matters of local interest. Details of working parties are posted in the main noticeboard and elsewhere.

Prior to commencement of the Community Pride project notices were displayed at entrances and an information leaflet produced in liaison with Ketley Parish Council was hand-posted to all properties in the vicinity of Paddock Mound.

We do try to deal with issues as they arise but in most cases residents and/or site users would be advised to contact the TWC Environmental Maintenance Team if they feel they have been adversely affected by developments on site.   

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