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Opening event 19th July 2016
Easter Egg Hunt 2016
Signage for Ketley Paddock Mound
Pictures for 18-02-2016  Unscheduled working party tackles the main entrance
New gate gets its finishing touches
New gate installed !
Signage on the way !!
Pictures for 23-01-2016  Bus stop entrance, Holyhead Road
Pictures for 22-01-2016  Final Day !!
Pictures for 19-01-2016  The end in sight !
Pictures for 14-01-2016  Arrival of granite chippings for top dressing.
Pictures for 13-01-2016  Roller compacting stone paths etc.
Pictures for 11-01-2016  Top entrance in Shepherds Lane and steps to Mound top from Red Lees footpath
Telford Wildlife Forum    Details of event at Horsehay Village Hall on 26th January 2016

Update for 09-1-2016     Pictures taken on weekend ramble round the site
Pictures for 07-01-2016  Base stone for footpath from Holyhead Road to canal.
Pictures for 06-01-2016  Refurbishment of footpath and steps alongside Glade
Pictures for 05-01-2016  Deliveries of stone and completion of Lost Pool fence
Pictures for 04-01-2016  New fencing for the Lost Pool and repairs to steps
Pictures for 31-12-2015  Holyhead Road entrance and path to canal
Pictures for 30-12-2015  Potters Bank entrance and steps to mound
Pictures for 29-12-2015  Potters Bank entrance nearing completion (with cuppa on hand!)
Travellers 28-12-2015     Photographed on the Holyhead Road
Pictures for 28-12-2015  The Potters Bank entrance and other views of the new footpath
Pictures for 22-12-2015  All about posts
Pictures for 21-12-2015  No stopping these guys !
Pictures for 18-12-2015  Speeding ahead !!
Pictures for 17-12-2015  They were stumped for a while !  plus one !
Pictures for 16-12-2015  Bring on the machines !
Pictures for 15-12-2015  Ready for shredding !
Pictures for 14-12-2015  Preparation for the new path to run alongside the hedgerow down Shepherds Lane.

Ketley Parish Council in association with FoKPM was awarded a grant from the Community Pride Fund for upgrades to the entrances and paths of Paddock Mound. The work contract was awarded to Mr Neil Overton of Ketley

Work on the top entrance in Shepherds Lane involves re-grading the surface and setting new gateposts. The old wrought iron gate is being refurbished by local metalsmith, Adrian Reynolds. It will feature the words "Ketley Paddock Mound"

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