Ketley Paddock Mound site is an 11 acre public open space owned by Telford & Wrekin Council. It was formed by coal and iron ore working in the 18th century but nature has now reclaimed the abandoned pit mounds. The vegetation is predominantly mixed woodland of oak and birch, and acidic grassland. The site also has three bodies of water, the largest of which is the remnant of the former Ketley Canal.

From the main mound, with its elevation of 500 feet, there are magnificent views to the West and North.

This aerial photo, taken in 1985 by Mr Mike Wilkinson, clearly shows the boundaries of the site. It is interesting to note that since this photo was taken the new Jennings estate to the south has been built and now the Millenium Community is growing rapidly to the north.  The site will soon be completely surrounded by urban development and this will add enormously to its importance as a sanctuary for wildlife and a retreat for walkers, schoolchildren, nature lovers and local historians.

 Ketley Paddock Mound 1985

This aerial view (Google Earth) gives some idea of how the site looked in the more recent past but doesn't show the extent of new development in the past 5 years on the Millenium site. It's interesting to see how much more wooded the site has become, especially on its boundaries to the north and west

 Ketley Paddock Mound 2005

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